About Eniro

Eniro is a leading search company for individuals and businesses with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. The company specializes in local search and Eniro's content is available through internet and mobile services, printed directories, directory assistance and SMS services. With quality-assured content and an unrivalled user experience Eniro inspires local discoveries and makes local communities thrive.

Eniro's well-known brands, products and services are used daily by a large number of users. Each month, Eniro Group's digital services has an average of 23.2 million unique visitors that make 70.6 million searches. Among the sites with the largest number of unique visitors in 2015, Eniro.se was placed numer eight in Sweden, Krak.dk number four in Denmark and Gulesider.no number fourteen in Norway.


Eniro aggregates and processes information from a vast range of information sources, including websites, telecom operators and sales organizations. This information is filtered, sorted and organized in the database, which is Eniro’s most important asset. Revenues from local search are generated through exposure and rankings from advertisers in Eniro’s search services. In 2015 over 70 per cent of the company's revenues was digital (excluding directory services).


Eniro’s customers are paying advertisers who – via their presence in Eniro’s complementary channels – ensure access and relevant searchability 24/7, irrespective of the distribution form. Thanks to a local presence, Eniro’s corporate customers ensure searchability and provide a contact interface with potential customers and companies. Eniro’s operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland market and sell advertisements to thousands of customers through one of the largest sales forces in the Nordic region. Each year, the company’s sales representatives contact millions of existing and potential customers.

Well-known brands

Eniro markets its products and services under well-known brands. In Sweden these are primarily Eniro.se, Din Del and the 118 118 directory assistance service. In Norway, Gule Sider, Proff and the 1880 directory assistance are the primary brands. Danish search services are marketed under the krak.dk, dgs.dk, Mostrup and Den Røde Lokalbog brands, while Panorama Firm is the brand in Poland. In Finland, customers encounter the Sentraali brand.

Operating segments

Eniro operations are organized on the basis of two operating segments:

The share

Since 2000, Eniro has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The shares are categorized in the Nordic Small-Cap segment, as part of the Consumer Discretionary/Advertising sector.