Complementary digital marketing products

This product category includes our offerings of complementary advertising solutions via third-party vendors such as Google, and display advertising via external networks. We are also active in various advertising exchanges for automated advertising solutions.

By offering these products as a complement to our other search services we can help our customers optimize their searchability and digital presence in areas such as search engine optimization, keyword and banner advertising, and production of websites and videos. Through a special customer website, customers have the opportunity to monitor their ads and see the results of their marketing investment.

The products in this category are a volume business that requires effective sales and matching processes in order to be able to achieve satisfactory profitability. Revenues are generated when delivery takes place through a keyword click or when a banner ad is shown. Revenues for websites and search engine optimization services are based on a subscription model. Since the products we sell in this service area are based on partnerships, the margins are lower than for other revenue streams.