Convertible bonds 2015/2020

Eniro’s Board of Directors decided on 5 February, 2015 on a convertible issue subject to approval of the extraordinary general meeting. The Board of Directors' decision was approved at the extraordinary general meeting on 9 March, 2015. The convertible loan amounts to a principal amount of SEK 500 million and the term of the loan is for five years with a maturity date on 14 April 2020. 

On April 23 the convertibles was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm with the short name ENRO KV 1. 

The last day in every month that convertible bonds have been converted to common shares, Eniro is obligated to announce the new number of outstanding shares in a press release. Eniro also announces the current amount of outstanding convertibles by the end of each quarter in its interim reports. 


Maximum total amount in the Convertible Issue:

The total principal amount of the Convertible Issue is a maximum of SEK 500 million. The principal amount of each convertible is SEK 1 million.

Initial conversion price:

The initial conversion price amounts to SEK 1.95. The conversion price may become subject to adjustment in the event of, among other things, issue of shares or warrants, bonus issue and dividends.

ISIN code:

The ISIN-code for the convertibles is SE0006789830. The convertibles may be converted to ordinary shares in the Company. The ISIN code for the ordinary shares is SE0000718017and presently being listed on Nasdaq under Bloomberg ticker “ENRO SS”.


The convertibles are denominated in SEK.


Five years. The maturity date is 14 April, 2020.

Settlement date:

14 April, 2015.


Each convertible bear interest at an annual rate of 6 per cent from but not including 14 April, 2015. The interest is payable semi-annually in arrears on 14 April and 14 October of each year, commencing on 14 October 2015.

The holder of convertibles right to request conversion:

The holder of convertibles may request conversion at the prevailing conversion price at any time following the date falling two business days after the registration of the convertibles with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and until the tenth business day prior to 14 April, 2020, or, if earlier, the tenth business day prior to the date set for redemption of the convertibles.

Upon request for conversion, the relevant application form for registration purposes as specified by the Company shall be duly completed and filed with the Company and the agent. Such request for conversion is binding and irrevocable.

Euroclear and listing:

Following the registration of the convertibles with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the convertibles shall be registered with Euroclear. No convertible certificates will thus be issued. The Company has applied for listing of the convertibles on Nasdaq Stockholm.