Eniro Business School

Newly employed salespeople

Eniro has its own sales school – the Eniro Business School, or EBS as we call it. Through Eniro Business School, we ensure that you are fully equipped with the tools you need to succeed as a sales person.

As a new employee, you will receive training in Eniro’s products and services, how they function and how they create customer benefits – we sell searchability, as well as contacts and customers, to our own customers!

You will also learn sales techniques that will enable you to interact with customers in a successful and professional manner. Your ability to create benefit and value for the customer is crucial, as is the customer understanding the importance of being searchable through our channels.

In parallel with the sales program, you will develop each day in your role together with your manager and your colleagues.

If you have previously worked as a salesperson and know the basics, you will enter the program at the appropriate level for your competence.

The courses are aimed at strengthening both you and your ability to succeed, while providing you with general knowledge about Eniro so that you know where we are going as a company and can help us all pull in the same direction.

At Eniro Business School, we also train our managers in leadership and subjects that provide you with the prerequisites necessary for developing as a colleague and ambassador of Eniro. Read more about our views on leadership under the heading Leadership.