Eniro Finland operates the business under the company name Oy Eniro Finland AB (using Sentraali as marketing name). In Finland Eniro runs a Voice business via telephone and SMSs combined with a contact-center operation. The company's offices are in Helsinki and Kajaani.

Oy Eniro Finland AB operate Voice, mobile search services and digital business-to-business services under the 0 100 100 and 118 brand. The Voice operation accounts for more than 70 percent of the total company turnover. Oy Eniro Finland AB is also a contact-center company delivering multi-channel customer service solutions, help desk, web support services, sales and loyalty services, information and switchboard services. The contact-center operation accounts for more than 20 percent of the revenues.

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Eniro Finland 2014 2013
Operating revenues, SEK M 185 207
Share of Eniro, % 6 6
Revenue development, % -11 -17
Number of employees, Dec. 31 161 175