General Meeting

The shareholders’ influence over the company is exercised at a shareholders’ meeting, which constitute the company´s supreme decision-making body. Shareholders who are registered in the share register on the record date and who have notified their intention to attend may participate in a General Meeting, in person or by proxy.

Resolutions taken at a General meeting normally require a simple majority. For certain matters, however, the Swedish Companies Act requires that a proposal be supported by a larger majority.

Shareholders are entitled to have matters addressed at the AGM, if the request is submitted to the Board within reasonable time. Requests should be addressed to the Board and sent to the email address, or The Board of Eniro, Eniro AB, Box 7044, 164 07 Kista.

An Annual General Meeting must be held within six months following the close of the fiscal year. The AGM passes resolutions concerning the dividend, approval of the annual financial statements, election of Members of the Board and auditors, fees to be paid to Members of the Board and auditors, principles regarding remuneration and other employment terms and conditions for senior management, amendments to the Articles of Association and other important matters.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Board or at the request of the auditors or of shareholders representing at least 10 percent of all of the shares in the company.