Eniro’s history dates back to the late 1880s. Already at that stage, the company’s task was to connect people, through printed directories at that time. Eniro is still a search company that aggregates, filters, and organizes local information. The difference is that what once began with a telephone book today is a digital multi-screen solution. Eniro’s offered search channels are numerous: desktop- and mobile search where development and future users are to be found, a small portion through printed catalogs and directory assistance services via phone or sms.


135 years ago, in 1877, the first telephone call in Sweden was made in Stockholm between the Royal Telegraph Agency and the Grand Hotel. The telephone made a rapid breakthrough in Sweden and by 1885 Stockholm was the leading European city in terms of telephones per capita. A year later the public telephone company was switching more than 18,000 calls a day. The need for a directory was obvious and the Royal Telegraph Agency – later Televerket, subsequently Telia, and now TeliaSonera – published the first national directory in 1889. During the first 100 years, the company had a monopoly on directories. There was one single channel, namely, printed directories. The first advertisements in the directory appeared in 1921 but it was not until the 1940s that advertisements became a key revenue source.


A hundred years after its inception, Eniro began to expand internationally, focusing in the early 2000s on the Nordic region and Poland. Today, Eniro is the leading local search company in the Nordic countries, connecting buyers and sellers, people and people by distributing information from a unique database through several channels and delivering relevant results.
This development has moved Eniro from a directories company to a media company for small and midsize companies.

Today, Eniro is the Nordic region's leading local search company that connects buyers and sellers, people, and by distributing information from a unique database into multiple channels and deliver relevant results. When the first online version of eniro.se launched in 1996 (then gulasidorna.se), Eniro became a digital search company and the transformation from searches done through the printed channel into online began. No other digital search service allows the users to easily and quickly find local retail outlets with a wide range of products and services. The quality, scope and depth of the database are consistently enhanced. Targeted investments in quality and a broadened offering with useful and relevant content, combined with continuous improvement of the search engine, have made eniro.se one of Sweden’s most highly visited sites with millions of unique users every week.

The use of eniro.se in mobile devices has virtually exploded since its inception in 2005 and it currently attracts several hundred thousand unique visitors each week. The development has brought Eniro from being a catalog company to being a digital media company ensuring visibility for small- and medium sized enterprises. Eniro has undergone the transformation into digital growth channels and the proportion of digital revenues today exceed 88 percent of Eniro's total advertising revenues. The company today has a relatively low share of revenue from printed media. Eniro tracks users and their search behavior to best help its customers to be searchable round-the-clock throughout the year.

The future

The search for products and services is increasing. To create customer value, Eniro aims to establish a presence in channels in which user searches are growing. Progress is rapid and it is difficult to forecast how it will affect users just five years ahead. User traffic are migrating from print to desktop and further on to mobile at an increasing pace. The trend is clear, the users' favorite channel is mobile, and soon mobile searches will represent more than 50 percent of all searches.