Information and communication

Whistleblower function

A Group-wide whistleblower function gives all employees the opportunity to anonymously report serious irregularities and violations of Eniro’s various policies. One of the aims of this function is to maintain good ethics and prevent improprieties within Eniro to the benefit of the company’s employees, customers, vendors and owners. In 2015, 11 cases have been reported to Eniro’s whistleblower function.

Information and communication

Eniro’s communication is to be open, relevant, correct and available to all interested parties simultaneously. All communication is to be provided in accordance with Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers. The Board has approved an information policy that regulates the manner in which the company is to disclose information. Information is communicated to external parties regularly through press releases and via 

The Board receives financial reports on a regular basis. The Board reviews and approves interim reports and the annual report at regular board meetings prior to publication. Financial information about the Group may only be communicated by – apart from the Board – the CEO, and the CFO.

Principles for financial processes are communicated between management and other personnel via regularly recurring meetings, the Group’s intranet and e-mail. 

The CFO reports the results of his work with internal control over financial reporting to the Audit Committee. The results of the Audit Committee’s work are reported on a regular basis to the Board in the form of observations, recommendations, and recommendations for decisions and actions to be taken.

Financial reporting

Financial data is reported monthly from all reporting units in accordance with reporting routines documented in the accounting manual. This reporting forms the foundation for the Group’s consolidated financial reporting.

Consolidation is conducted from a legal and operational perspective, which results in complete monthly income statements and balance sheets for each company and consolidated for the Group. All consolidation is conducted centrally.