Isabelle Schori

Sales Manager

Training: High school, courses in business and project management.
Years at Eniro: 5.
Office: Stockholm (Kista).
Hobbies: Working out, travelling, music, and family.

”Eniro’s customers are satisfied, we can take pride in that”

From sales to product management to sales manager. Isabelle Schori’s journey within Eniro has taught her more skills than she ever expected.

Tell us about your role at Eniro!
- I’m a sales manager, working with a team called Campaign Products which offers digital solutions with Google AdWords as the main product. I’m responsible for four sales reps – one in Gothenburg, one in Malmo and two in Stockholm. My main tasks are to deliver results and to make sure that our customers remain our customers. I make sure that the sales reps keep themselves up to date with the right skills for the digital world, and try to make them feel that they have a manager who’s present and supports them in their everyday work.

What has your journey been like at Eniro?
- I started at Eniro four years ago. My sister worked here and thought the company would be a good fit for me, in which she was totally right. I started as a sales rep, then joined product management. In product management I worked with the basis for our products. I wanted to broaden my skill set and learn more than just sales. Which was great because when I chose to return to sales and become a sales manager, I felt that I had much more to offer. I had gained the technical knowhow of Google advertising and Google campaigns. Now I manage my previous colleagues which was a little unnerving at first. But we have a great relation, and I think they feel so, too.

What makes Eniro an interesting place to work?
- It’s exciting to follow the journey of change that Eniro has been on, and still is on. I believe in Eniro, and everyone who works here have positive expectations for Eniro’s future. We have to dare to be confident and feel that we’re the best, because we are – we are best at local search. We deliver quality over quantity, and that shows in the results. Eniro’s customers are satisfied, and we can take pride in that.

What have been the driving forces in your career?
- I must feel that I’m growing. Even if you have a hard time sitting still, that doesn’t mean that you have to transfer or get a new position, it could just as easily mean that you stay in the same position but find new challenges, new products and new skills to develop. I want to stay at Eniro, be a part of it and be able to influence and change things. That’s a driving force in itself – the feeling that this is what I want.