Jannika Björkholm

Team Manager

Training: Communication and media.
Years at Eniro: 11.
Office: Stockholm (Kista).
Hobbies: Travelling, diving, socialising with family and friends.

“I can really influence and help the team in their everyday work”

As manager of a team of developers at Eniro, Jannika Björkholm’s days are filled with varied and challenging tasks.

Tell us about your role at Eniro!
- My team develops everything that’s visible on Eniro’s sites, except the maps. So it’s company search and person search, indexing and search logic which make sure that all our data are searchable in a quick and easy way. Much of my work is about making sure the team have everything they need, that they thrive and feel they have important jobs and a purpose to fulfill. Which can be anything from helping someone overcome an obstacle to calling other countries to help with translations. When my team feel good, we have the best conditions to perform well.

What’s the most fun part of your position?
- That my tasks are varied and fun. And all the great colleagues, of course! Eniro is a well-known site, and what we do is visible to a lot of people. Knowing that eight million people see what we do every week inspires me and my team. It’s great to work with a team that develops things that are immediately visible. I can really influence and help the team in their everyday work in a way that feels business crucial.

What has your Eniro career been like?
- One of the advantages of working at Eniro is that the company is so big that it’s possible to work in different departments and teams. I’ve been with Eniro for a long time, started in product management where I collected wishes for development from all the countries we’re in. That was great fun. A few years later I was recommended as team manager in IT which turned out to be the best idea! We have confidence in each other here, and you will get heard no matter what position you’re in. Good ideas are always encouraged, and it’s okay to fail sometimes.

What have been the driving forces in your career?
- The people around me! And the feeling that I can make a difference and be there for my team members.