Kevin Müller

Divisional Manager, Nordic Sales

Years at Eniro: 8.
Office: Copenhagen.
Hobbies: Family, friends and football.

”I’m going to work here”

Kevin worked as a sales rep, coach and team manager at other companies before he joined Eniro. But meeting Eniro turned out to be something special.

Describe your first impression of Eniro.
- I had a meeting with a person I knew from before but who had now joined Eniro. And after that meeting I immediately had the feeling: I’m going to work here. There were a lot of smiles and great dynamcis in the sales teams. In addition, it was positive that I met a lot of people who had been at Eniro for a very long time. And my impression was that the company gave its employees the opportunity to grow.

Has the reality lived up to your expectations?
- Definitely. I have grown on many levels. At Eniro, you can be a part of creating change, and if you perform well, you will get the opportunity to achieve your personal goals.

How does Eniro support employees to develop?
- We have a training set-up for the sales people where they train every week. Partly with their sales teams, but coaches and managers also listen in to their sales calls and offer professional feedback. On top of that, it’s important that we support the sales reps who want to take their career further. An internal career path could for example be to go from sales rep to coach,or to go from tele sales to field sales or KAM sales, or to get managerial responsibility in the long term. At the team manager level we put a lot of effort into securing that sales reps get coaching and guidance from their sales managers, which in turn develops their managerial skills. In addition, we offer both internal and external training to our managers.

What drives your own development at Eniro?
- What drives me is the opportunity to grow. That I learn something new every day. If the operation just rolls on without me being able to influence anything, I’ll get bored. At Eniro, I can get challenges and make a difference. It’s tough but fun. Only very rarely do I not look forward to going to work.

Why should one choose to work at Eniro?
- This is a workplace where the sky is the limit. If you’re prepared to give it all, and you’re good at what you do, you can go very far. It’s a place to grow. We’re on a journey with Eniro, with a strategy and vision that I can 100 per cent vouch for. I believe we will see a lot of product development in the near future. Remember, we’ve changed from being a company which offered printed directories and mapbooks to being a company that offers fully digitized solutions. It’s really interesting to be part of that journey.