Kumar Rajendiram

Sales consultant

Training: AP in Financial Management.
Years at Eniro: 4,5.
Office: Copenhagen.
Hobbies: Crossfit, running, football, tennis, and table tennis.

Kumar became a ”Copenhagen boy” through Eniro

Kumar took the plunge and relocated from Aarhus to Copenhagen when Eniro’s Aarhus office was closed down in January 2014. It was a workplace that offered opportunities to earn good money and meet great colleagues but its shutdown proved to be decisive for Kumar.

What made you move with Eniro to Copenhagen?
- I actually had an apartment in Aarhus which I was just about to buy, and I had told myself that I was gonna go all-in at Eniro Aarhus. I was extremely happy with Eniro in Aarhus because we were such a great team. In the end, a colleague made me move to the capital. We were great colleagues and friends, and still are. And I haven’t had any second thoughts.

What makes Eniro a great place to work?
- We have some really great managers at Eniro, and that means a lot. There’s great interaction between employees and managers, and I always know who to address if anything comes up. The managers are also skilled at securing commitment and motivating us.

What does it take to become a good sales rep?
- It’s all about being focused and keeping your eyes on the target. I believe that’s important. You have to learn to ignore any distractions and focus on how to run your “company within the company”, your own sales effort. I’m a quite competitive person and want to see myself grow. That continues to motivate me, the little competitive factors in everyday work.

If you had to offer advice to a new sales rep at Eniro, what would it be?
- You will encounter some adversity at first but you have to stay proactive – including in relation to your own training. There are some star performers in Eniro’s sales force, and you have to watch and ask them what it takes – that’s how you learn.