Maturity profile

Financing risk pertains to the risk that external financing will not be available when needed and that the refinancing of maturing loans will be impeded or become costly. Eniro is continuously working to ensure that cash and cash equivalents and unutilized credit facilities are available. Eniro also has a stated policy of developing relations with a number of credit institutions with a high rating. The Board of Directors regularly receives rolling forecasts concerning the Group’s future cash flows that include estimates of cash and cash equivalents and unutilized credit facilities. The cash-flow forecasts are carried out by Eniro Treasury based on information from the Group’s operating companies.

The table below shows Eniro’s financial liabilities and the net of regulating derivative instruments that constitute financial liabilities divided by contractual maturity date. The amounts specified are non-discounted cash flows including borrowing costs. Amounts falling due within one year correspond to carrying amounts, since the discount effect is insignificant.

Maturity profile
Per December 31, 2015 Maturing within 1 year Maturing within 1 to 5 years Maturing later than 5 years Total
Bank loans 170 1,295 - 1,465
Accounts payable and other liabilities 50 - - 50
Total 220 1,295 0 1,515