Mobile search

Eniro’s operations within Mobile search accounts for approximately 14% of the company’s total operating revenues and is growing rapidly.

Mobile search includes our mobile-adapted local search services –,,, dgs. dk and – and our three mobile apps for iOS and Android: Eniro’s local search app, Eniro Navigation and Eniro På Sjön, in the respective markets. Since their launch these apps have been very popular among users, and all of them have been continuously among the most highly downloaded apps in their respective categories.

Just like in the desktop search channel, our advertisers pay for ranking and exposure in our mobile search services. A higher placement on result lists and better profiling generate greater exposure along with more clicks and calls from users, who in the end become the advertisers’ customers. The number of contacts relayed via our services are presented to our customers in effect reports.

Core brands

Eniro markets its products and services under well-known brands. Eniro’s strong brands are a key asset. The core brands have a recognition rate above 90 percent in each geographic market.