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Information about cookies and how they are used on Eniro websites. (Eniro websites i.e. websites owned and/or controlled by Eniro AB reg no 556588-0936)

What are cookies?

Cookies are used for collecting information about what the users are doing on a specific website. A cookie is a text file that is saved on your computer. The cookie consists of stored text data on the user's computer. A cookie is sometimes called web cookie or browser cookie.

Are cookies dangerous or harmful?

No, cookies are not harmful. Cookies cannot be programmed and cannot carry viruses.

Can I set my browser to reject cookies?

You can disable cookies in the settings of your web browser. Information on how this is done can be found under the help-section for your web browser.

More information about cookies and how you can handle them can be found at the following websites:

What happens when I reject cookies?

If you reject cookies the overall experience of our websites might be different and some functions might not work as it would do if you had accepted cookies.

Can I delete my cookies?

Yes. Your cookies are saved as a simple text file that you can delete as you please.

How do I know what cookies I have stored on my computer?

Usually the web browsers save the cookies in a specific folder. By opening this folder, you can see all the stored cookies.

How are cookies used on Eniro websites?

On Eniro websites, cookies are primarily used in order to enhance the user experience and to collect statistics. The cookie identifies the users unique web browser – but it remains anonymous. The cookie helps us to register the number of visits and provides us with statistics, for example the number of web browsers that visits the page and what services they use.

What sort of cookies are used on the Eniro websites?

There are two types of cookies. The first type stores a file on your computer for a longer time. This cookie is used to tell you when the website is updated, amongst other things. The cookie has a set date, and when that date is reached and the website is visited again the cookie is automatically deleted. The second type is called a session cookie. A session cookie is stored temporarily (e.g. in order to remember which area you choose). The session cookie is automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

Legislation and recommendations

The Swedish Electronic Communications Act (sv lagen om elektronisk kommunikation) states that everyone visiting a site using cookies should be informed about the cookies and how they are used. Read more at (Post- och telestyrelsen, Swedish only).

The organization IAB Sverige has produced recommendations for the usage of cookies which the Eniro Group follow: IAB Sverige:

For information on the local electronic communication legislation in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland and the activities within local IAB organizations:

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