Our careers

Eniro is a major employer with approximately 1,900 employees in five countries. The employees have varying backgrounds, skills and experience. Together, our profiles create a successful whole. Eniro has a number of central support functions providing career opportunities in finance, law, accounting, IT, marketing and communication, all of which support the three major organizations at Eniro: Sales, Product development and Supply.


The sales organization is divided into key account sales, field sales, tele sales and customer service, and is Eniro's largest and most important asset. 

Product development

Eniro's products and services are developed centrally and are the same in all markets. Group Products & Services, GPS, produces the ideas on which the products and services sold by the sales organization are based. The GPS organization is primarily staffed by strategists, programmers and product specialists.


After GPS has produced the products and services that will be offered to Eniro's customers, Group Service Delivery, GSD, takes up the baton and transforms the ideas into sellable products and functional services. This organization is responsible for assuring quality levels for product deliveries, quality and IT processes. The GSD organization is primarily staffed by IT developers and programmers.