Eniro's ambition is to take social responsibility and act proactively in relation to all stakeholders - customers, users, employees, shareholders and suppliers. It means taking responsibility ethically, socially and environmentally.

Responsibility to customers and users

We strive to offer our customers simple marketing solutions that enable local relationships. From the time we produced our first directories, we have helped people find businesses and have thereby helped small and medium-sized companies thrive and prosper. Without the dynamism of local businesses, small municipalities, towns and neighborhoods would gradually become impoverished and lose their populations. Our aim is to help local businesses gain exposure in a digitalized and centralized market development, and by extension, keep communities alive and thriving for our users to discover. We want our customers as well as users to perceive us as being an engaging, reliable and helpful partner as well as a source of information.

The environment

The focus or our environmental work is primarily on minimizing the environmental impact of our digital operations. To do this we are working with consolidation and virtualization of servers. Within our Print operations the share of printed directories is decreasing successively. For our remaining activities in this segment we set environmental requirements for the entire value chain – from choice
of paper to production and distribution.

In our day-to-day activities, environmental initiatives at Eniro are focused on measures that save time and costs while reducing environmental impact. For example, business trips are increasingly being replaced by conference calls and videoconferences, and the company is striving to reduce the amount of air travel.

Responsible purchasing

In our procurement processes we require vendors to have a documented policy for ethics and the environment, and certain environmental aspects are factored in to the choice of suppliers. Eniro’s largest purchases pertain to digital production, offices, printing and distribution of directories. For directory printing, Eniro uses FSC-certified paper. In cases where we can have a say under applicable leases, we also require the use of “green” electricity.

Business ethics and anti-corruption

For Eniro, ensuring good business ethics is a natural part of doing business. All sales representatives receive training in proper conduct in customer relationships, including rules for gifts and entertainment.

Since 2014 we have had a compliance committee consisting of members of the company’s legal affairs, HR and finance departments, tasked with handling improprieties. In 2014 we also established a whistleblower function, where individual employees can report what they believe may be departures from applicable routines, policies or rules.

Responsible marketing and user information

In our search services we allow only advertising that is in compliance with laws and regulations, and that is aligned with our own ethical guidelines. Nor do we allow advertising that is perceived to be objectionable. In general, we also have a restrictive stance towards alcohol advertising and do not allow any advertising for so-called alcopop or prescription medicines.

Advertising award competitions are designed in accordance with applicable laws, and commercial advertising lotteries are not permitted. Our policy for responsible marketing also covers advertising that is perceived to be discriminatory or that in some other way is contrary to human rights.

The processing of user data is an issue for the entire industry and is a matter of being able to protect users’ integrity at the same time that there is growing interest in being able to better identify search patterns and offer more targeted services. Currently such issues are being addressed through industry organizations and by Eniro’s Group Management.

Eniro’s guidelines

Eniro has a Group-wide ethics policy. Every Eniro employee is expected to adhere to it and the ambition is that all new employees shall receive training in its content and meaning. Some of the areas that our ethics policy addresses are the following:

  • human rights
  • customer relationships
  • competition and independence.

In addition to our ethics policy, we also have a number of other guidelines that govern our conduct, including:

  • Equal opportunity policy (for the respective countries)
  • Environmental policy
  • Purchasing policy
  • Policy for advertising and discrimination