Rolf Øyvind Berg

Business Controller

Training: Msc Business & Administration from BI Norwegian Business School, including studies in Italy and Argentina.
Years at Eniro: 3,5.
Office: Oslo.
Hobbies: Cooking, tennis, pretending to be a triathlete.

”No doubt I’ve had a lot of responsibility early on in my career at Eniro” 

Eniro is a company which lets its employees take responsibility and offers the opportunity to build a career. After no more than two years at Eniro, Rolf Øyvind Berg has attended group management meetings and has been allowed to handle great economic responsibility himself.

- No doubt I’ve had a lot of responsibility early on in my career at Eniro, and I appreciate that. I’ve had support to handle the amount of responsibility, and through that have had the opportunity to develop.

Rolf Øyvind’s first position at the company was as financial trainee at Eniro’s Stockholm office. He worked close to group management and was involved in both internal and external meetings with decision-makers.

- As a trainee I got a good overview of the entire organization and learned a lot from working so close to group management. Those experiences have been useful in my career.

After half a year in Stockholm, Rolf Øyvind was hired as business controller at the Oslo office. In that position, he’s responsible for costs at Eniro and is a sparring partner for management.

- Based on analyses and statistics I offer advice on how we should distribute our resources. It’s really exciting to be able to influence decisions and see that my advice is appreciated.

The media industry is going through a major change from print to digital, and like the rest of the industry Eniro has been heavily affected by that development in recent years. Rolf Øyvind thinks it’s exciting to follow the development from the inside and be able to contribute with his skills.

- We’re competing with global actors so challenges are plenty. But that’s just exciting! In the end, the deciding factor will be how we adapt to the changes and run the business going forward. It’s very motivating to be able to support management with business cases for new areas of business, and in that way contribute to new opportunities for Eniro.