To achieve our vision, we have formulated a three-pillar strategy. It starts with the core of our offering – local search – where we have a strong position that we aim to build further upon. To broaden our offering and be an even more attractive partner for our customers, we are working actively on complementing our offering with other attractive marketing products. Finally, our directory information service in Voice and telephone directories in Print remain important. We are working relentlessly on optimizing these businesses to ensure maximum profitability.

1. Strengthen position in local search

The first and most important part of our strategy is to further strengthen our existing position in local search. Our brand building work in 2015, which resulted in us now expressing our vision as the symbol of local discovery, also entails that we have broadened our level of ambition. We want our users to feel that, by using our search services, they can discover happenings in their immediate surroundings and be inspired by things they weren’t aware of before. We aim to achieve this by presenting, through our services, event information, weather and flows from social media. Our aim is to offer the best service to users when they want to search locally and thereby be a key channel for our customers to reach their customers.

Today more than 8 million unique visitors use our local search services every week from a desktop computer or mobile device. Starting with these visitors’ needs and preferences, we are constantly developing our services – mostly with a special focus on mobile users. Examples of the latter are Eniro Navigation and Eniro På Sjön, which are among the most popular apps on App Store and Google Play. Since their launch they have remained among the top five apps in the navigation services category.

To meet the needs of desktop users, of course we are continuously updating our search sites:,, and During the year we made several improvements to our search logic, for example, resulting in better precision and relevance in users’ search results.

The volume of use of our search services is proof that they are in demand. Regardless of whether users choose to use a desktop computer, a mobile device, a smart watch or a TV for their search, our services will be there. The more satisfied users are, the more traffic we bring in to our search services, which in turn generates a better return for our customers on their marketing investments.

In addition to increasing traffic to our search services, we are also working to increase the frequency with which our users return to our search services. Achieving this requires that we generate relevant and correct search results. Moreover, the content must be dynamic and always perceived as being new, current and on-point. As an example of this work, in 2015 we added features such as traffic information and information on ski area conditions.

2. Broaden the portfolio of complementary digital marketing products

Since we strive to offer our customers a relevant and modern array of marketing services, we also want to be able to offer complementary solutions outside of our core product. This is a segment that is experiencing strong growth in all markets. We know that many small and medium-sized companies still have a relatively undeveloped insight into digital marketing – something that was brought to light in the Small Business Report from PR and our branding project with Lynxeye. It is therefore natural for us to broaden our portfolio with other digital marketing products as a complement to our own local search offerings.

We know that many users begin their searches on Google. What many people don’t realize is that their first hits are often links to Eniro’s various services. The reason why our advertisers also end up at the top of result lists on Google is that we work actively and effectively with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO refers to various methods and techniques for getting a website positioned high up on search engines’ result lists. This is something that is sought after, since the higher up on a result list a website is presented, the more clicks it receives. For customers who don’t already have a presence on the Web, we help them with this also – including content and design as well as complete website publication.

We strive to always provide all relevant solutions in digital marketing for local businesses. In addition to websites, we offer services such as Google AdWords, banners, and Twitter advertising.

3. Optimization of mature business areas for maximum profitability

Our Print and Voice business areas were previously an important part of our core business. In pace with the digital development, revenues from these business areas are declining for every year that passes, which is in line with our expectations. Both of these businesses are separated from our core business to ensure focus within their respective organizations.