The search market

Drivers in the search market

The Scandinavian media market continues to grow. Digital business accounts for about a third of this market, and its share is growing steadily. Eniro has a strong position in the digital part of the media market. Our niche is local search.

Digital marketing accounts for about a third of the media market, and its share is growing constantly. The greatest growth is taking place in mobile marketing, but banner advertising, keyword marketing and web TV are also experiencing strong growth.

Regardless of channel, the search market is characterized by high competition, rapidly evolving user behaviors, and a high level of technical innovation. In addition, advertisers’ demands for effect and clear follow-up are also rising.

Many different actors

Eniro’s services encounter both direct and indirect competition from companies that offer searchability. At the same time, most competitors are also business partners.

The direct competitors are local actors – in Sweden, Opplysningen 1881 in Norway, in Denmark, and PKT in Poland.

Among international players are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Specialized players in specific areas – verticals – are either international companies, like Tripadvisor or, or national, local actors. Google is an example of a company that operates both as a competitor as it moves closer to local search and as a partner that uses Eniro to gain access to customers. Apart from the various search companies are various social network sites that target the small and medium-sized companies segment.

In the market for media investments, Eniro also competes with alternative channels, such as daily newspapers, radio, TV, outdoor advertising, and direct marketing.

Telecom operators and manufacturers of cell phones are also players in the market that have many users and a wealth of information.

Attractive, strong position in the digital search market

Eniro has a strong and attractive position in the digital search market, which accounts for a third of the total media market. Eniro’s strong position is based on five cornerstones: content, traffic, brand, customer base and sales force.


  • Nearly 5.8 million searchable companies in our databases, and the number is growing all the time.
  • New functions are launched on average every three weeks on our search sites.


  • Our search services have an average of 8.1 million unique visitors every week.
  • An average of 80 million searches are performed every month in our databases.


We have a strong brand. In Sweden our brand recognition is nearly 90%. In Norway and Denmark it is between 80% and 85%, while in Poland it is over 40%.

Customer base

  • Approximately 200,000 customers.
  • We have a positive repeat purchase rate. Our customers increase their investment with us every time they renew their agreement with us.

Sales force

Every day our more than 900 sales reps cultivate the Scandinavian media market and help our customers with their digital marketing.