The Share

Since 2000, Eniro has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The shares are categorized in the Nordic Small-Cap segment, as part of the Consumer Discretionary/Advertising sector.

Eniro has two classes of shares, common shares and preference shares. The ISIN code for the common share is SE0000718017 and the short name ENRO. The ISIN code for the preference share is SE0004633956 and the short name ENRO PREF.

The total amount of registered shares amounts to 531,087,050 of which 530,087,050 shares are common shares and 1,000,000 are preference shares. A common share confers one vote and a preference share confers one-tenth of a vote. Eniro has a holding of treasury shares amounting to 1,703 266 shares. 

The total turnover of Eniro common shares in 2015 amounted to 1,334,103,399 shares. Approximately 87 percent of all trade was conducted on Nasdaq Stockholm. Average daily trading volume was SEK 7.9 M for the common shares and SEK 0.8 M for the preference shares.