Traffic development

We continue to have a strong position in local search. In our statistics follow-up we can see that the share of users who click forward to our advertisers’ sites or contact them by phone is high. This is also something that our customers testify to and that they see themselves in their statistics.

Share of mobile searches continues to rise

Every week approximately 8.1 million unique visitors use our search services on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, and these often return an average of 1.5 times a week for new searches. Every month some 80 million searches are conducted in our databases.

At year-end 2015 we had approximately 5.8 million searchable companies in our databases, of which 2.9 million were Polish, 1.4 million were Swedish, 0.8 million were Danish, and 0.7 million were Norwegian companies.

Compared with 2014, total traffic to our search services increased by 5%, however, the breakdown between desktop and mobile searches is changing. Mobile searches increased by 23% in 2015, while desktop searches decreased by 4%. The share of mobile visitors thus now amounts to 34% of the total number of visitors to our search services, which is an increase of 8 percentage points compared with 2014 (26%).

Searches that generate contacts with our advertisers

Every month advertisers receive result reports which show, among other things, the number of searches per company, product or service, and the number of clicks the searches generate. For advertisers that are interested, the service also includes a measurement of the number of phone calls that their ads have generated.

In 2015 an average of 5.7 million company searches were performed via our search services every week, which is an increase of 2%. “Company searches” refers to the share of searches that are made either of a company name or a specific product or service and thereby generates search results in the form of a company name, which in turn entails a potential contact with potential customers of our advertisers.

We also measure the share of “clicks to advertisers,” i.e., the share of searches that subsequently result in the user clicking forward to come into contact with any of the companies shown in the search result list. This share was 49% at year-end 2015 and represents 4 percentage points increase compared with 2014. This metric is an important critique of the quality of our service, since it shows that users also proceed to contact the companies that their searches have displayed.

In our own surveys we have asked users who have performed searches in our databases if they intend to contact or visit a company. 58% said yes. In response to the question of whether they intend to make a purchase, book a time, rent or reserve a product or service, 45% said yes.

Finally, as further proof of the value for our advertisers, through our phone call measurements we have been able to estimate that the share of all searches that lead to a phone contact is approximately 35%.