Trine Lise Bjørby

Head of Sales

Training: Eniro Business School.
Years at Eniro: 16.
Office: Oslo.
Hobbies: Working out, hiking, friends and family, and personal development.

”I think it’s fun to implement changes”

Having worked at Eniro since 1999, Trine Lise has been party to great changes in the industry and seen first-hand how the company has adapted to the future.

- A lot of people would probably say that the biggest change we’ve been through was the shift from printed directories to fully digitized services. The best year for the printed directories was actually 2007, then they were closed only five years later. But personally, I believe that an equally important change has been how we approach our customers. Previously we were quite short-sighted in our work, but today we have a much more strategic and long-term approach. That has affected both what we sell and how we sell.

Trine Lise’s career at Eniro has gone through some major changes as well. She started as a field sales rep selling to prospects, but then shifted to value customers after a few weeks. Some months later she moved to handling bigger accounts, which she did for some years.

- I rose further through the ranks and worked as a key account manager for five years. Then I left Eniro for two years but was brought back by the regional manager back then. That offer was easy to accept.

Today, Trine Lise is Head of Sales. Mostly she works with her own sales reps, and in project to get a grip on teams that need development.

- Often it’s about structure, ways of working or focus. The solution often lies in clarifying responsibilities and helping the managers to develop themselves.

So a department is in trouble if they get a visit from you?
- Ha ha, I’d rather say that they’ll soon be free from trouble. I think it’s fun to implement changes and watch as they lead to improvements.

How would you describe the work culture at Eniro?
- It’s really good but it’s important to realize that culture isn’t only about making waffles and arranging after-work sessions. I believe that one of the most important ways to a great work culture is to have a sales organization with the conditions to succeed. Also, I think many people thrive here because they can see that there are career opportunities for those who perform well.