Vision, purpose and promise

Vision, purpose, promise and values

Vision: The symbol of local discovery

Eniro's vision is to be the symbol of local discoveries. We do not just offer our users the opportunity to search what they need, but also the opportunity to be inspired to make new discoveries. The vision is about becoming the natural service to go to when you want help to explore or discover local entrepreneurs.

Purpose: We help local communities thrive

Eniro has made a difference in the community for over 100 years. From that the directories came, Eniro has helped small and medium-sized enterprises to exist and develop. 99.5 percent of Swedish companies are small and medium - Eniro's purpose is to contribute them and thereby keeping  local communities thrive. 100 years later, Eniro continues to help people find businesses and businesses to find customers, today through computers, tablets, smartphones and smart watches.

User promise: The best local discoveries, at your fingertips

Eniro's user promise is simply what we promise to provide to our users. Our promise, The best local discoveries, at your fingertips, we draw on a strong base underlain by our three user foundations:

  • User experience first: Our service will be designed from a user perspective. What are the needs and what experience do users seek when they visit Eniro's services?
  • Engaged solutions for local search: A search for a category is not enough. Users want more. They want engaging solutions that inspire and help them discover new local gems.
  • Highest quality local data: Eniro's unique advantage is the extensive contact we have with Swedish companies, both large and small. Through the work and effort we put in our content, we have created a unique local database that no one can copy.

Customer promise: Simple marketing solutions, to enable your local relationships

Eniro's user promise is what we promise to provide to our customers. Our promise, Simple marketing solutions, to enable your local relationships, we draw on a strong base underlain by our three customer foundations:

  • Simple to manage marketing products: Our products must be simple to understand. Helpfulness and simplicity is key.
  • Tools that enable local relationships: Eniro's customers have a strong need in a digital world to get the tools and means to strengthen and build relationships locally in their regions.
  • Proactive sales and services experience: In a fast-paced world, customers need new ways to get help and support.

Values: Engaging, helpful and reliable

Eniro has three core values that permeate the entire organization:

  • Engaging means that we have a user experience and content that engages users. Our attitude towards colleagues and customers are engaging and involving.
  • Helpful means that our services are easy to use and helps users to search and discover locally. We do our best to help our customers and we support each other.
  • Reliable means that our content is complete and accurate. We are a trustworthy company and our customers can rely on us. We keep our promises to each other.